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The Giving Plate

Thanksgiving can also get lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas.  Today we have a super easy and fun craft to do with the kids that can be kept as a keepsake or given as a sweet gift when you visit family for turkey day. diy giving plate

This is a really inexpensive project.  All you need are 2 plates that can be purchased at the Dollar Store and a set of metallic Sharpies.  Because of the metal, we recommend not using these in the microwave.

All you're going to do is trace the child's hand, then let the child decorate like a turkey.  Let them add their own doodles and designs to make the plate their own or an adult can write The Giving Plate with the child's name and the year.  You can also add a quote about what they're thankful for this year if you'd like.

Bake plates in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes to seal in the artwork.  It may still not be 100% dishwasher safe so hand washing is recommended.

the giving plate set

As we've seen before, my children are not minimalists and like to go a little overboard with decorating sometimes.  You can keep it more simple, then add your favorite fall baked goods like pumpkin spice truffles and bring it to grandma's house on Thanksgiving.  Or have all of the supplies on hand for the number of children that will be at your Thanksgiving celebration and let each child make their own giving plates as a craft project.

the giving plate

You can see even more great Thanksgiving ideas on our Pinterest page!

Thanks to our awesome babysitter, Lisa, who did this project with my girls as a surprise last weekend!


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Ivivva Dreams Chicago

Ivivva is word created to embody the strength and beauty of all girls.  This past weekend, my daughter had the chance to attend the Ivivva Dreams Dance Convention, hosted for free by the Chicago Ivivva stores at the famous Hubbard Street Theater.  The girls spent the afternoon with some of the best teachers in Chicago learning contemporary, jazz, hip hop and ballet. ivivva dreams dance conventionBut more than just dance combinations, Ivivva Dreams was about setting goals and being inspired.  Each dancer received an Ivivva tank, snacks and paper to journal where they see themselves in 5 years, what inspires them and what keeps them from attaining their goals.

ivivva dreams

Ivivva is the children's branch of Lululemon Athletica.  Ivivva focuses clothing and accessories that allow girls to perform their best in all activities.  Stores have easily moveable fixtures and can be quickly transformed into spaces for community run clinics, dance classes, a yoga studio or hold a neighborhood event.  Ivivva's strong ties to the community are what sets them apart from typical clothing brands.


This was Ellie's 3rd dance convention in a row.  Yes, every weekend of October has been spent at a dance convention!  But this was by far her favorite.  The energy of the faculty for the day was contagious.  Setting goals for dance and life - like training to get her pointe shoes and being a good friend - created an inner positivity that I haven't seen before.  After Ivivva Dreams, my girl is ready to take on the world!

ivivva dreams dance convention

As I mentioned, each dancer received an Ivivva tank to wear to the convention.  The quality is amazing.  The fabric is soft with a built in shelf bra (not that we are needed that around here yet, but for the more mature dancers, it was a nice feature.  Ivivva also gave Ellie a pair of shorts and she purchased a headband at the trunk show following the event.  The shorts fit perfectly.  The waist band is comfortable and stylish.  The headbands have a nonslip strip that keep them in place after a full day of dancing.

As always, Ivivva events are complimentary.  To learn more about Ivivva and what events are coming up in your area, visit


Thanks to Ivivva for including my little dancer in their fabulous dance day!  All opinions are honest and my own.


Boys Fashion: All about layers


Boys Fashion: All about layers

It is looking and feeling more like fall these days. As a mom getting the kids ready in the morning can be difficult because when they leave in the morning the temperatures are chilly but by the afternoon its much warmer. This is when layering comes in and is key this time of year. boys fall fashion

Dylan is in first grade this year. Surprisingly he has a lot of input on what he wears. He loves button downs but prefers a comfortable pant. Together we try to pick clothing items that will make it easy to get ready in the morning before school. boys fall fashion Pairing a graphic t-shirt with a button down is an easy way to layer for the cooler tempertaures. It also gives your little guy a bit more style than just a plain t-shirt. In the afternoon Dylan usually comes home with his button down in his backpack. The biggest hit for boys this fall is Hi Top Sneakers! Dylan refuses to wear anything other than the Hi Top Jet Sneaker to school.

boys fall fashion Dylan is wearing a long sleeve graphic t-shirt, Plaid button down, Athletic Windpants, Hi Top Jet Sneakers and football lunch box. You can now receive free shipping plus 25% off at The Children's Place.



The Pledge #AGforallGirls

As this school year is going in to full swing, what I really want my girls to learn on the playground is to be kind to everyone and support their friends.  American Girl was inspired by all girls when they made this great video for girls.

Not only can your girls watch the video, but they can go to and make their own pledge for all girls.  My girls loved designing the two hands, complete with accessories, and took their pledges very seriously.

american girl pledge

photo 2

Have your girls watch the video and then take the pledge!  Then they can read other girls' pledges on the pledge wall.  Thanks, American Girl, for inspiring our girls!