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3 Best Beauty Products for Summer


3 Best Beauty Products for Summer

Does your beauty routine change from season to season?  Mine certainly does! From what I use on my hair even to eye makeup, what works in the winter is just not the same. Here are 3 beauty products I'm loving that I know you'll love, too!


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3 Easy Hair Styles for Girls & SoCozy at Bed Bath and Beyond!

I love having a girl and everything that goes with it but I will be honest that I am not the best at doing hair. I have never been great at doing braids or fancy hair do's on myself or others. Of course Mia being the girl that she is, loves braids and wearing fun hairstyles.  I gave Mia Cozy's Complete Guide To Girl's Hair  for Christmas 2014. This was before I even knew about SoCozy hair products!

Cozy's complete guide to girls hair book

Mia used this book to teach herself how to do hair on her American Girl Dolls. She is now quite the hair stylist. She can braid her own hair better than I can! She is now really into trying out different hair care products. She has a lot of very thick hair. A conditioner is key to make her hair look good but also making it easier to comb. Her go to and favorite product for almost a year is the SoCozy Detangler + Leave In Conditioner. She uses it daily before styling her hair and it makes it a lot easier to braid her hair. If you are not familiar with SoCozy Hair Care products, they are non-toxic, free of alcohol, gluten, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.

SoCozy Hair Products for kids

We recently purchased the curl shampoo and Curl Gel-Cream at our local Bed Bath and Beyond. Mia's hair isn't exactly curly but it has a lot of wave and some curl to it. She was excited to test it out!

SoCozy Hair Products

Since she is usually uses a detangler + leave in conditioner after her shower, she was unsure if she would like the curl gel-cream. She put it in her hair and let her hair air dry. We loved how her hair looked after it dried.

SoCozy Hair Products



Mia styled her hair 3 different ways in less than 5 minutes! SoCozy has launched in Bed, Bath and Beyond, BuyBuy Baby and Harmon's! You can find your nearest location here.

SoCozy Hair Products

You can now receive 20% off SoCozy products at Bed Bath and Beyond, BuyBuy Baby and Harmon's until 2/29/16!


Disclosure: We were paid for this post. All opinions are honest and our own.

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You've Been Doing Your Concealer Wrong Your Entire Life (but we're here to help you do it right)


You've Been Doing Your Concealer Wrong Your Entire Life (but we're here to help you do it right)

Did you know you've been doing your concealer wrong your entire life?  If you just do a swoop under each eye and wonder by your dark circles don't look any better then congratulations, this post is going to change your life.  Well, at least change the fact that people constantly think you're tired.  Well, if you're a mom you probably are tired BUT now everyone is going to think you are super well rested.  And when you look in the mirror and see a super well rested person looking back at you, it actually makes you feel better.  Trust me, I'm a mom of three.  I get it. how to get rid of dark circles

I've been dragging my feet writing this post because to show you the after, I have to show you the before.  And the before ain't pretty.  But here it is, the just-out-of-the-shower-but-blow-dried-my-hair-not-wearing-a-stitch-of-makeup picture.

no makeup

If I made this picture huge, you would not only see my dark circles that I think I've had since college, but also a little spot under my eye that is a different shade than the rest.  Even more annoying than just dark circles.

So here's what you've probably been doing.  One swoop of concealer under each eye.

wrong way to use concealer to cover up dark circles


What you're doing above is highlighting the dark circles.  So when you rub it in, it's just making them look worse.

The right way to conceal dark circles under your eyes is to apply your concealer in an inverted triangle under each eye.  Here's what I mean:

correct way to hide dark under eye circles

By applying the concealer down farther, you are actually highlighting the entire eye and drawing attention while camouflaging the dark circles.

how to cover dark circles

My absolute favorite concealer in the world is the Younique liquid mineral touch concealer.  To learn more about Younique and why I love it so much, you can read this post.

So does that make sense so far?  Now what you're going to do is blend.  You can use your finger or blending buds, whatever you've got.

Here is how the concealer looks now that it's been blended and Touch Mineral Pressed Powder has been applied.

how to get rid of dark circles 2

Those dark circles are outta here!  Now you have a great base to apply the rest of your makeup.  Today I'm going to do eye pigments, 3D Fiberlash Mascara, a little black eye liner, mineral pressed blush and Lucrative Lipgloss.  Here's the finished result!

younique touch mineral liquid concealer

Do you see what I mean about highlighting the eye?  The difference is drastic.  I feel so much more confident now that I don't look like a zombie!

You can find out how to shop Younique with me, host a party to earn free makeup or join the movement by clicking here.

Are you ready to give this trick a try?  Share your pics with us on social media with the hashtag #TLSFSelfie!



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#RealMenBraid | Class with Cozy


#RealMenBraid | Class with Cozy

Girls' hair is intimidating for dads.  Most dads have never run a brush through more than a couple of inches of hair, let alone try to brush through a mess of tangled hair attached to a small girl with ninja like agility. Cozy Friedman, creator of the SoCozy line of haircare products which we LOVE, developed an alternative to dads showing up to dance class with their daughter, brush and pony tail holder.  Real Men Braid is a class taught by Cozy that gives dads hands on training so they will have confidence when it comes to tackling their daughter's hair.

Cozy started off by getting the guys a little pep talk and explaining that doing girls' hair is no different than taking on any project - first you need the right tools in your tool kit.  The tool kit included SoCozy Detangler Spray, SoCozy Brush, SoCozy Hair Gel, bobby pins and pony tail holders.

real men braid class

The dads learned how to brush out tangles, section off hair and be organized with their brushing.

daddy daughter hair class

While the girls were getting styled, the baby brothers made themselves right at home in the Snippets Mini Cuts Chicago's play space.  Snippets was such a fun place - little kids can sit in cars and watch a show while getting their hair cut.  They have a great selection of gifts, too!

snippets mini cuts chicago


First, the dads learned a basic pony tail.  Then how to braid it.  If you look in the mirror below, you can see both girls' braided pony tails.



girls ryan so cozy

But then the dads took it one step further and did the daring braided bun!  This hairdo is a requirement for ballet class.  I can't tell you how excited I was that Ryan now knows how to do this style!dad and mads hair

Cozy is the best!  This innovative class is a bonding experience for girls and their dads.  It also gives dads confidence and makes that mess of curls seem not so intimidating.  All SoCozy hair products are free of "nasties", work great and smell even better.  Thanks to SoCozy and Snippets Mini Cuts for having us!socozy group(This was our "before" picture)

For more information on the Real Men Braid classes and all of the fun stuff SoCozy has coming up, visit




Younique Cosmetics | Empowering Women One Mascara at a Time

About a year ago I was introduced to Younique's 3D Fiberlash Mascara.  If mascara can be life changing, this mascara is life changing.  Being a mom to an infant for the 3rd time, I was desperate to find products that in a few strokes made me look awake and put together.  The 3D Fiberlash Mascara is a confidence booster and we all know when we look good we feel good. younique makeup

The 3D Fiberlash Mascara was the gateway into the Younqiue brand for me, like a lot of women.  Once I dug deeper, I learned the the Younique's mission is to uplift, empower and validate.  That's a mission I can get behind.

After trying more of Younique's products and falling in love with all of them, I decided this is a fun way to earn extra money (or support my new makeup addiction) and help friends and family feel confident, too.

Now we would love to introduce YOU to Younique, an all natural and mineral based line of cosmetics, and have you join us on this fun journey.  There are 3 easy ways you can get in on the makeup fun.


Shop with Us

Ready to see what all the excitement is about?  The Younique 3D Fiberlash Mascara is AMAZING but it's just the tip of the iceberg.  Younique has a fabulous line of skincare from cleansers to moisturizer to eye serum.  Primer is the key to long lasting, flawless makeup.

Younique Skincare Collection

Younique has 3 different types of foundation - BB Cream, Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation and Touch Mineral Cream Foundation.  The Younique Concealers work wonders and add a little Beachfront Bronzer and Pressed Mineral Blush to finish the face.

Younique's Mineral Eye Pigments stay on all day and night.  With creams and powders, mattes and shimmers everyone is going to find their perfect blend of colors.  New Addiction Eye Palates take out the guesswork and give your eyes a big pop.

Addiction Set of 3_2

Lips can be done in gloss, stain or lipstick.  Go bold or neutral depending on your mood.

younique lipsticks

Ready, set, SHOP!

Host A Virtual Party

Is your Younique wish list bigger than your budget?  Host a Virtual Party!  Younique Virtual Parties are fun, easy and you can earn free and half price cosmetics.  We promise we won't annoy you or your friends, but just show off how they can get great lashes and skincare.  The party will be fun and informative with sharing not selling.  Ready to host?  CLICK HERE to get started!

Join the Team

Are you ready to take on the mission to Uplift, Empower and Validate the women in your life?  Join our team!  The Presenter Kit is a $99 investment and you have no obligation to sell anything, but if you do there is an easy compensation plan and you get paid in 3 HOURS.  Yep, 3 hours!

Here's what's in the current kit:  3D Fiberlash Mascara, Lucrative Lipgloss, Splurge Cream Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Addiction Eye Palate, Eye Pencil, samples and a presenter kit.  All for $99.

younique presenter kit

Why join our team?  We are social media experts who can help you in all aspects of the business.  We're here to support you in your new business and make sure you have all of the tools to succeed!  CLICK HERE for more information and to get started!