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The Giving Plate

Thanksgiving can also get lost in the shuffle between Halloween and Christmas.  Today we have a super easy and fun craft to do with the kids that can be kept as a keepsake or given as a sweet gift when you visit family for turkey day. diy giving plate

This is a really inexpensive project.  All you need are 2 plates that can be purchased at the Dollar Store and a set of metallic Sharpies.  Because of the metal, we recommend not using these in the microwave.

All you're going to do is trace the child's hand, then let the child decorate like a turkey.  Let them add their own doodles and designs to make the plate their own or an adult can write The Giving Plate with the child's name and the year.  You can also add a quote about what they're thankful for this year if you'd like.

Bake plates in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes to seal in the artwork.  It may still not be 100% dishwasher safe so hand washing is recommended.

the giving plate set

As we've seen before, my children are not minimalists and like to go a little overboard with decorating sometimes.  You can keep it more simple, then add your favorite fall baked goods like pumpkin spice truffles and bring it to grandma's house on Thanksgiving.  Or have all of the supplies on hand for the number of children that will be at your Thanksgiving celebration and let each child make their own giving plates as a craft project.

the giving plate

You can see even more great Thanksgiving ideas on our Pinterest page!

Thanks to our awesome babysitter, Lisa, who did this project with my girls as a surprise last weekend!


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Turkey Hands for a Good Cause

Did you make turkey hands as a kid?  Where you trace your hand, add a beak and a waddle then turn your fingers into feathers?  Now is the time to pass on the tradition to your kids for a good cause.turkey handGet into the spirit of giving by making your turkey hand, snapping a pic and sharing on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.  For every turkey hand shared with the hashtag #socozyhair, SoCozy will donate $1 to WIN, an organization that helps homeless women and children. Get crafty, break out the feathers and share your turkey for a great cause!  Gobble gobble!




Thankful Kids #thanksgiving

We want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Kristin and I are very thankful for all of our wonderful readers. Here is what TLSF kids are thankful for this year...

Dylan, Age 4:  I am Thankful for you mommy and Turkey.

Mia, Age 7: I am thankful for my family, friends and the food we eat.

Madeline, age 4:  I'm thankful for my mommy and daddy and the new baby.  Even my sister.  I'm thankful for cousins, friends and my whole, big family.

Elizabeth, Age 6:  I'm thankful for mom, dad and sissy.  And Oxford (our dog).  And Pinkie (our fish).

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!



4 ways for kids to be Thankful!

November is a month of being Thankful. We have the pleasure of seeing many of our friends give thanks on facebook each day during the month . In the light of everything that has happened on the East coast in the last week, we have realized the importance of having our kids give their thanks all month long! We found 3 awesome projects that you can do with your kids that are fun, creative and allow you to give thanks with them this November! We encourage to try one of these projects with your family!

1.  Thankful Chalkboard 2. Thankful Pie 3. Thankful Tree 4. Thankful Gratitude Board

How do you give thanks during November?